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There’s more! The versatile Mid Level gives you tools that simply do more. The more complex your challenges in daily business, the more you’ll enjoy using addHelix and the tools offered on a pay-as-you-go basis. You only pay for what you use. addHelix – addMore

addHelix – addMore

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Map Matching

First rule when heading for your destination: never stray from the path! But what if the original route was maybe not the smartest choice? If a change of lane is needed to get safely and quickly to the destination, our MapMatching tool flags this up – making sure that you are always where you should be and want to be.

GPS positions
Actual route

Distance Matrix

Need to keep a lot of balls in the air? With our Distance Matrix tool, you can easily calculate routes and distances between several locations. Do you juggle a multitude of vehicles and distances daily? Make it child’s play! With addHelix.

distance matrix after
distance matrix before
without addHelix with addHelix

Geo Fencing

So far and no further! Geofencing makes it easy for you to set boundaries. Without compromises, completely virtually. You define the area, Geofencing fences it in. You are alerted as soon as a GPS signal (from a vehicle, valuable, etc.) passes the geofence. Keep track of your high-security transports and protect yourself against cargo theft. Set boundaries!

Track & Trace

Simply well informed! Just a few minutes after ordering online, we already know when the mailman is due to deliver. We are used to being kept informed when we shop on the web. So why not keep your customers in the loop in your business, too? Seize the opportunities presented by the digital world and use automated emails to keep your customers up to date on their transports. That way, you earn brownie points and more, without any effort: Track & Trace is a service that your customers won’t want to be without – and a real guarantee of follow-up orders.

Toll Calculation

Not another toll! You have to pay to use many tunnels and roads in Europe and North America. Tolls can add up, and should not be overlooked when calculating transport costs. Smart route planning takes account of these costs in advance and offers alternative routes. With the Toll Calculation tool, you can clarify whether you have really picked the most cost-effective route before setting off.

Emission Charge

Cut the carbon! Global climate targets have been set. Even the best route optimization cannot by itself bring about the serious reduction in greenhouse gas emissions required. With our carbon calculator, you know in advance how high the emissions will be for your route – and can act accordingly: Upgrade your fleet and prepare for a clean future now. Emission Charge is more than just hot air.

Traffic Data

Route roulette! Unexpected road closures, a two-hour stop-and-go due to tiresome construction work – and the day is gone! All topped off by delivery delays, increased transport costs, and unnecessarily high stress. Take the roulette out of daily trips and let Traffic Data provide you with all relevant traffic information for your route in advance. So that you have an up-to-date overview right from the planning stage.

traffic after
traffic before
without addHelix with addHelix

Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)

Punctuality is all well and good, but you get further…

with ETA! After all, it’s not just punctuality, but the right timing, that matters: Perhaps your customer’s manufacturing processes are dependent on the time your delivery is due to arrive? You can choose to either play with the domino effect or let us calculate the estimated time of arrival (ETA). This allows you to identify delays early on, let the right people know and take immediate action as needed. With ETA, you ensure full transparency and can work out the estimated time of arrival of your shipments. This means planning reliability, increased efficiency, and greater customer satisfaction.

eta after
eta before
without addHelix with addHelix

DATA MAX Shapeshifter K.I.S.S.* my …

It’s tricky getting data from here to there: we’re all familiar with the sender/receiver problem. What you send and what arrives are often two different things. Now you can lean back and watch the magic unfold: DATA MAX is a real quick-change artist! And speaks all data fluently. Regardless of the server, operating system, and database (that troublesome trio!). Automatic voucher and data exchange is simple and safe: encryption, load balancing, DMZ – it’s all there, with everything running on high-end servers in a cluster via our Axians ICT Austria data center. Want more? For the icing on the cake: DATA MAX loves to learn and adds to its store of knowledge with each request. Say goodbye to that sinking sense of déjà vu that comes from reprogramming old procedures yet again! Save yourself time, money, and frustration. 

Let’s just K.I.S.S. and say Goodbye, Data Stress!

*K.I.S.S. = Keep it safe and simple.

datamax after
datamax before
ohne addHelix mit addHelix

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