addHelix smarte Oberliga beinhaltet die Tools, die den Unterschied machen.

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Here come the bells and whistles! The smart Top Division contains the tools that make a difference. The difference between crafty and unbelievably smart solutions. The difference between ‘nice to have’ and ‘absolutely essential’ – once you’ve experienced it for yourself. Your upgrade on a pay-as-you-go basis. You only pay for what you use.

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Top Division tools

Unsere Reihenfolgeoptimierung stellt sicher, dass Sie die schnellste Tour fahren.

Tour Sequencing

One vehicle, six orders – calculate the fastest route! What sounds like a simple math exercise, can become a complex challenge in daily business: There are 720 possible outcomes for this simple example alone! So the same task for 10 vehicles and 127 destinations gives you…a guaranteed headache? But there’s another way to do this. Without puzzling or mental arithmetic. At the press of a button. Our Sequencing tool ensures that you take the fastest route. Like a math whizz.

without addHelix
with addHelix
“Tour optimization”: vollautomatisch disponierte Sendungen, alle relevanten Infos mit einem Klick verfügbar – so fahren Sie die absolut optimale Tour.

Tour Optimization

As good as it gets? Maybe not!

Well intentioned doesn’t necessary mean well done. Choose a better way! Tour Optimization shows you whether you are really planning cost-effective routes: Fully automatically planned shipments, with all relevant information available at a click – that’s how to ensure the best possible route. Because there’s always room for improvement.

Local transport
Long-distance transport
Gebiete strategisch neu ausrichten, wo könnte sich ein weiterer Standort rentieren? Area Optimization unterstützt Sie dabei.

Area Optimization

Turn the present order on its head! A new location is needed, but where best to position it? Or are you wondering how to realign existing regions and improve efficiency? Instead of spending your time puzzling, let us do some clustering! Our Area Optimization tool is just what you need when looking to organize regions strategically.

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warehouse before
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Historische Sendungsdaten kombiniert mit innovativen Algorithmen ermöglicht die Berechnung der Warenströme im Voraus für die kommenden 7 Tage.

Transport Forecast

Know today what will happen tomorrow. Wouldn’t it be great? You can do it! Take a look at what’s coming – with our forecasting tool. Historical shipment data combined with innovative algorithms form the basis for this smart system that calculates goods flows in advance for the next seven days. A clever tool for everyone who likes to solve problems before they even arise. Even better, Transport Forecast learns with each shipment! Use bundling effects for your routes and anticipate what’s ahead.

Shipping volume forecast
Exaktes Prognosetool kennt Ihre Ein- und Auslagerungen der nächsten 7 Tage. Auf Basis historischer Daten, innovativer Algorithmen prognostiziert unser intelligentes System die zu erwartenden Mengen voraus.

Warehouse Forecast

“I see something you don’t!” Namely, your warehouse inventory movements over the next seven days. Instead of floundering in the dark and making 50:50 plans, you can now go full steam ahead. Using your past data as the basis and combining this with smart algorithms, our intelligent system calculates your expected volumes. Best of all, the more you use it, the more accurate the calculation. Use our forecasting tool when planning your warehouse space and capacity and stay a step ahead at all times. Getting a heads-up about larger volumes allows you to optimize your staffing and shift plans in advance.

warehouse after
warehouse before
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Cargo rates calculation ermittelt rasch und zuverlässig den passenden Preis – für Sie und Ihren Kunden.

Cargo Rates Calculation

Rule of thumb.

Complex transports, countless customer requests, and not a minute to spare? In the hectic rush of everyday life, it is not always easy to work out the best quote. Cargo Rates Calculation quickly and reliably determines the right price – for you and your customer. Never miss out on anything due to time pressure thanks to our innovative, intelligent process. Better good calculation than poor estimation!

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addHelix smarte Oberliga beinhaltet die Tools, die den Unterschied machen.

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