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Environmentally friendly transports

Emission Charge - Wer heute handelt, verpasst keine Klimaziele

Globalization is leading to an increase in goods movements around the world, with growth of around 20 percent predicted by 2030.
According to WEF studies, logistics and transport account for more than 5.5 percent of all CO2 emissions – and the trend is upward.

The new EU Climate Law therefore calls on us to invest specifically in infrastructure that will make it possible to reduce CO2 emissions. Some industry pioneers have already responded, resulting in initiatives such as GoGreen and the recent Climate Pledge.

Air quality certificates have long been required in France, with other countries set to follow its example. That is why you should be prepared today to calculate the emissions generated by the resources that you use and keep a record of your carbon footprint.

Also, you can seize the opportunity to offer environmentally friendly transport services as one of your products and secure an edge and advantage on the market:

When will shippers make proof of emissions a requirement in their tendering or even order placement processes? The pressure is mounting, as is evident from the marketing campaigns of the world’s top fortune-company’s each day. Don’t lose time unnecessarily – start to calculate your CO2 emissions today.

Take advantage of a service that perfectly calculates and visualizes your routes while providing you with information on your CO2 emissions. Why wait when you can already respond today to the trends coming down the tracks?

Emission Charge - benefits for your business

  • CO2 calculation as a key element of your optimization strategy
  • No approximations, just precise data and consumption values
  • Vehicle types, emission classes, utilization, and topological conditions as parameters
  • EU standard for calculating the energy consumption of transport services (DIN EN 16258)
  • Simple and fast creation of a detailed emissions report for your route
  • Meets the requirements of French decree 2011-1336
  • Create climate footprint assessments and/or reports for sub-contractors


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