Points of Interest

powerful processes through special information

We are already familiar with the term "points of interest" (POI) from our automotive navigation systems

Points of Interest - starke Prozesse durch besondere Informationen

Such POI data can also provide a wealth of additional information for our logistics, sales, and marketing teams. For example, a new, effective level of transparency and planning basis can be achieved during route implementation or regional and location planning.

You’ve probably asked yourself questions like these before:

  • Where is the nearest rest stop for my trucks on long-distance operations?
  • Where will my driver find the nearest gas station that accepts our fuel card?
  • Who is where?
  • Does it make financial sense to schedule an overnight break?
  • Do we have to hold discussions with regional forwarding companies and do we want to present preliminary considerations based on zip codes?
  • Is a specific location particularly interesting for our advertising message or market development?
  • Do our warehouse locations make sense in terms of geography, taking account of demographic surveys?

The list of possible tasks is infinite. So don’t waste time – get started today!

In the age of digitalization, points of interest have become an indispensable information asset and are included as standard in many route planners and navigation systems.
When used for location or regional planning, they can shed light on the development of particular sites and their links to private and public facilities.

When implementing routes, dispatchers and drivers can exploit crucial added value along them and make even better and faster decisions.

Points of interest (POIs) offer you precise address information that enhances your master data, without increasing your workload. What’s more, countless other types of data can be easily combined, such as administrative borders (at national or state level) and territorial divisions (zip code areas, NUTS regions). And you can take key locations into account when planning your routes.

Take advantage of a service that not only cleverly combines routes with points of interest (POIs), but also provides features such as regional and route planning, giving you first-class results on a plate. Do it today!

Points of Interest - benefits for your business

  • Smart planning through the use of additional information
  • Increased data quality and depth
  • Efficiency gains along company processes
  • Transparency and analysis within tactical considerations
  • Enhanced opportunities in communication with process participants
  • New strategic approaches specific to the particular situation
  • Makes the relevance of a location’s surroundings a planning criterion



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