Logistische Werkzeuge, die komplexe Aufgaben einfach lösen und die ihren Alltag erleichtern.

Taking stock

less is simply more

  • less reinvention of the wheel = simply more simplicity with straightforward integration into any system (or in short: simply more simplicity of integration)
  • less tweaking = simply more speed thanks to solutions that already work
  • less programming = simply more time for real customer service
  • less time wasting = simply more to offer thanks to an expanded portfolio

Sometimes less is simply more.

And sometimes you have to add something to take something away.

addHelix – addNewApproach

THERE’S AN EASIER WAY / Try it and see.


First impressions count. So why not take a look in the DEV PORTAL and check out the various services?

  • Endpoints/services overview
  • Description of the parameters and result structures
  • Formats used and service technologies

When you’d like more

The benefits of the addHelix demo compared to the Dev Portal at a glance.

  • Embed services within your own development environment
  • Analyze results with your own data
Logistische Services unkompliziert in die eigene Entwicklungsumgebung einbinden.

addHelix |





addHelix is a service portal for logistics tasks: The more complex the requirement, the more straightforward our solution!

addHelix is a modular software solution that simplifies and solves problems.

upgrade quickly

and save time

profitably wow

without extra effort

cleverly catch up

and be ahead of the curve

Move my assets
make my day

The right tool for every task

addHelix smarte Oberliga beinhaltet die Tools, die den Unterschied machen.