Area Optimization

say goodbye to rigid, outdated structures

Transport logistics requirements are constantly increasing!

Area Optimization - Verkrustete Strukturen endlich aufbrechen

Dynamic markets, characterized by a multitude of social trends, are powerfully shaking up market segments. Planning, control, and process-oriented implementation in particular, combined with fast-growing demands in respect of digitalization, are having a noticeable impact on existing structures.

The practical evidence unequivocally shows that many companies persist in their historically evolved networks and thus lack the agility needed to handle change when it inevitably happens. A hands-off approach is often taken to these systematically relevant structures, in spite of their tangible inhomogeneity and constant fragmentation.


Are you, too, interested in ensuring efficient control, economic route planning, and well-grounded pre-planning for your local transport tasks? Given your daily transport volume, however, do you feel that you don't have the funding or organizational set-up needed to introduce this dynamism?

It doesn't have to be that way! Regional optimization gives you the opportunity to create a new, dynamic, future-oriented control parameter without departing from your framework conditions or SLAs.
From today, you can ensure that your regions are methodically aligned with your daily transport volumes and capacities, thereby laying the groundwork for your dispatchers. By drawing up compact and balanced regions for your depots, you can ensure that your transports are still cost-effective on the last mile as well.

Take advantage of a service that uses a wealth of shipment data to identify perfect regions in terms of geography and capacity, thus providing the basis for the best possible route planning. The tools needed, such as address validation, distance matrix calculation, and result visualization, are already included. Maintain an overview!

Area Optimization - benefits for your business

  • Coordinated regional planning offers an optimal decision basis and competitive advantages
  • Parameterization based on resources, geographic coverage, and available capacity
  • Perfect basis for optimal route planning
  • Route consolidation and maximized capacity utilization
  • Balanced regional profitability
  • Creation of new, dynamically adapted network structures
  • Fewer kilometers, but more customers
  • Strategic, tactical, and operational use

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