Compliance Check

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Compliance and risk management

We want to provide you with effective and intelligent support on compliance and risk management matters so that you can be sure that your international business dealings are legally compliant and secure.
Global security regulations, embargo laws, or even targeted sanctions, for example, in place along your supply chains have to be complied with in order to safeguard your transports. We take on the challenge of ensuring that you always have the latest boycott, sanction, and check lists available via technological means in real time, and we actively review these lists. Confine paperwork and manual checks to the past – and say goodbye to errors and wasted time.

With our service, your master data undergoes simple and automated checks. All natural and legal entities – organizations with which you engage in business – are checked on an ongoing basis against up-to-date boycott lists.
addHelix Compliance Check reliably, quickly and conveniently reviews data.

Automated checks covering, for example, export controls, security regulations, the German Transport of Hazardous Goods Act, anti-corruption laws, and due diligence obligations relating to business partners make compliance child's play.

Perhaps something might get overlooked in the flood of information?
Not at all, as you also benefit from a similarity search, which looks for all kinds of different entries and potential differences in spelling. Our daily security letter guarantees you a reliable compliance structure and maximum automation. True to the motto: safety first!

Use a service that immediately identifies risks, incorporates regulatory changes in real time and gives you the certainty you need in international business.

Compliance Check – benefits for your business

  • Check on whether and with which critical business partners and/or countries you have business links
  • Access to resources from many different official inspection authorities, such as EU, CH, UK, and US ministries
  • Reliable checks on sanctioned individuals, companies, and organizations
  • Intelligent search functionality and consideration of different spellings by means of a similarity search
  • Reduced workload thanks to a high degree of automation
  • Always up-to-date, checked and reliable master data
  • Effective risk management and a stable compliance chain

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Information for programmers

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Simple integration thanks to our “API-first” principle.

addHelix services are based on state-of-the-art architecture and are delivered as a RESTful-JSON API. “What matters to us is that you can get up to speed quickly and benefit from simple implementation and good usability.”

Therefore, you can conveniently use the parser methods available in your programming language to easily process JSON objects.

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