bad addresses belong in the past, accurate geography is the future!

Route planning, geographical analysis, logistical optimization, and address plausibility checks alone are already standard in logistics

Schlechten Adressen gehört die Vergangenheit, exakter Geografie die Zukunft!

Geocoding converts your addresses into unique geographical coordinates (longitudes and latitudes), thereby providing the basis for all geo-referenced applications. Reverse geocoding means you can also work in the other direction – turning coordinates into legible addresses.

This forms the technical basis for even the simplest use cases, such as conducting plausibility checks on addresses and using digital maps, or even route planning.

Precise calculations of distances and routes between two or more locations, efficient vehicle routing, and the optimization of your transports are thus within easy reach.

Unstructured, inconsistent addresses? Not a problem – with Geocoding. Thanks to unrestricted entries and intelligent methods and features such as the Elasticsearch search engine and phonetic search, even unclean data can be used and effectively improved.

The processing of large amounts of data and real-time batch processing are no longer a problem. Hundreds of thousands of addresses can be processed in a matter of seconds.

Do you need information from different countries, such as federal states and zip code areas, for your logistics process and organizational approach? Then get started today!

Geocoding – benefits for your business

  • Competitive advantage through constantly updated and fully automated address refinement
  • Effective avoidance of duplicates
  • Addresses with information accurate to the house number
  • Completeness and accuracy of reference data worldwide
  • High quality through the use of intelligent, market-leading methods
  • Result visualization
  • Maximum processing speed
  • Improved customer service and process efficiency gains
  • Optimization of your database for visualization, mobile solutions, improvements, forecasts, big data, geo-analysis, and much more
  • Integration in a matter of minutes

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Information for programmers

Logistische Services unkompliziert in die eigene Entwicklungsumgebung einbinden.

Simple integration thanks to our “API-first” principle.

addHelix services are based on state-of-the-art architecture and are delivered as a RESTful-JSON API. “What matters to us is that you can get up to speed quickly and benefit from simple implementation and good usability.”

Therefore, you can conveniently use the parser methods available in your programming language to easily process JSON objects.

And you enjoy the benefits of Swagger, the widely used application for API documentation.

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