Tour Sequencing

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All roads lead to the customer

Tour Sequencing - Ohne Umwege zum Erfolg in der Logistik

We are all driving the changes in buyer behavior and the unstoppable development in volumes, speeds, and demands on logistics. All roads now lead back to us customers – and Tour Sequencing!

The e-commerce business is the driving force behind this and is a big factor in rising parcel volumes. Logistics service providers serving the B2B, B2C, and C2C markets are having to get up to speed very quickly with new last-mile requirements.

It is essential that they respond to smaller batch sizes and deal with the burgeoning number of stops per route in a methodical and reliable manner.

Do you think your dispatchers could determine the best route through a major city if they had to plan 25 stops with all kinds of delivery conditions? This challenge would be too big for any of us, but we can show you how to navigate the urban jungle!

Sequence optimization can be immediately helpful to you in this, without requiring major changes to your organizational set-up. You have to move fast to get to the top! Obviously, geographical, time slot, and truck capacity factors need to be optimized for this.

Perhaps you have to deal with further delivery restrictions placed on you due to customer requirements like these?

  • Home delivery
  • Same and next day delivery
  • Promised delivery scheduled for a specific date and time
  • Customer-oriented returns processes for products and packaging
  • Just-in-time delivery
  • Urban low emission zones
  • And much more

Take advantage of the Tour Sequencing service, designed to effectively perfect your regular, regional, and daily routes. Address validation and result visualization are included as standard. Don’t wait for things to happen – take the next step today!


Tour Sequencing - benefits for your business

  • Optimized stop sequences for scheduled routes
  • Consideration of limiting vehicle characteristics
  • Compliance with all kinds of delivery restrictions
  • Dynamic updating or rescheduling when route stops are added or removed
  • Result visualization on digital maps
  • Reliable route planning and target values (PTA)
  • Perfect basis for monitoring actual values (ETA)


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Information for programmers

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Simple integration thanks to our “API-first” principle.

addHelix services are based on state-of-the-art architecture and are delivered as a RESTful-JSON API. “What matters to us is that you can get up to speed quickly and benefit from simple implementation and good usability.”

Therefore, you can conveniently use the parser methods available in your programming language to easily process JSON objects.

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