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Real-Time traffic data

Traffic Data - Verkehr zwingt zum Handeln

Congestion is a big challenge for you, too. That's why you need new supply chain concepts – on the last mile, in overland transport, and throughout your entire network. Through Traffic Data, we provide you with historical and real-time traffic data so that you can get to grips with the situation on the ground.

Historical traffic data reflects the average speed of vehicles on route sections at particular times and on specific days of the week. By taking regular traffic jams and truck-specific speed profiles into account, you end up with more realistic travel times and useful forecasts.

Dynamic or even real-time traffic information gives you an overview of the traffic situation as it stands. With Traffic Data, you can recognize traffic issues in good time, perfectly assess the current situation, and take your ad-hoc handling to the next level.

Act, don't react! Optimize your business by taking preventive action designed to minimize delay risks and enjoy considerably more stable processes.

Take advantage of a service that effectively reflects the traffic situation and provides ready-to-use travel route and time information. Connect today and save real money with Traffic Data.

Traffic Data - benefits for your business

  • More robust travel and arrival times thanks to proven historical traffic data
  • Realistic travel times
  • Perfect departure times for trucks
  • Predictable arrival times at each stop
  • Current road conditions in real time
  • Reliable ETA calculations
  • Alternative routings as an option

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